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October 6, 2009
A Wonderful Illustration.
I just wanted to share an illustration I came across on This definitely puts me in a fall mood; moreover, a ukulele mood. Have I ever mentioned that I love the ukulele? In my humble opinion, it is one of the best instruments out there. Here is a link to the illustrator's flickr page.

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September 28, 2009
Still Ever Busy
Hark! I am still very hard at work for the Music Center of Deerfield. Rental season is still beating me under the water, keeping me from breathing. Hopefully someday soon I will be able to come up for air and calm waters. Nonetheless I can say that time is passing fast and I am never bored while on the clock. Frustrated maybe but never bored.

I ran accross an idea the other day and it has consumed my mind. I was wondering if anyone out there in the world still made double bass banjos. Apparently someone does. I'm not sure what this gentleman's building credits are but the photos on his site are incredible. A very intriguing instrument design. I want everyone to check it out. This gentleman's ideas have inspired me to attempt the same. Not sure what all of the elements of his design are, but I have a few modifications I'd like to make from his template.

In unrelated news to building and repairing, Adrienne and I have been very busy with work at our house. Finally we were able to finish the porch floors. I want to say this was a great learning experience. I leave you with a picture of the finished floor. The contrast of old and new is great (old is in the foreground and new is in the background). Adrienne and I are hoping for similar results in the rest of the house.

Lastly, everyone go to and download the program. It is free and it is great.

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August 30, 2009
Another Week Cometh
Rental season is still upon me.  I won't be able to breath until late October.  Needless to say I haven't been able to think about what to write about next.  I figure a nice link to Ukulele Hunt is due so anyone venturing here can find some entertainment rather than low quality drivel.

Another week cometh and I am ready to face orchestral instruments in a whirling dervish.

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